Our Programs

All of our programs prioritize character and leadership development. We have affiliation with the best schools whether basic education, secondary or tertiary education across Ghana. We have our private coaching initiatives for footballers aged 7-12. Players connect with coaches, participate in drills and skills training, and benefit from mentorship and short life skills lessons during each session. The Citizens Football Academy hosts football justification and recruits every year in January for U10, U12, U15, and U17 players.

For players successfully making it through the trial process, the Citizens Football Academy offers holistic mentorship to exceptional young players over a sustained period of six years (12-18 years old). Each day at the academy we provide education through our own, elite football training, ongoing mentorship through our various character formation programs, and an Academy Residence for our boys to call home. The boys in our residence benefit from a safe and stable environment: they are cared for by our loving House Parents and staff, are provided with delicious meals by our Cooking Manager, and build deep relationships with their mentors and peers. All of our programs help us in our goal of seeking to raise a generation of young men who impact our nation. We want to see young men who have dreams of not just football, but also for careers and passions when they stop playing or pursuing professional football.

Player Pathways

Upon 5 years of investment in our boys, our goal is to send them on to other great opportunities. These can include playing for professional football teams locally or abroad, pursuing further education and skills training, or accepting gainful employment. To do this, we place a priority on both character development and encouraging our boys to think about who they want to be as young men. By the year 2030, we should be able to launch our Dual Dream class for players attending our Academy School. The Dual Dream would give significant time and energy to make sure our players are exploring their gifts, passions, and future career ideas so they are well prepared to make a difference after or instead of football. Our end goal is to see that these men become the fathers, leaders, and role models their communities so desperately need.