why choose us?

Citizens Football Academy came into existence on 13th April 2018 with concerns of young Ghanaian football players who lack support in pursuing their career, the crisis of fatherlessness, and; lack parental and family support in the Ghanaian society.
For instance, most children are growing up without parental support in their homes. The lack of positive, male role models is a root cause of cycles of alcoholism, drug addiction, gender inequality, corruption, and more. We want every child leaving Bechem as well as Ghana as a country to be holistically mentored to be a leader, professionally developed to be a footballer, and uniquely educated to reach their academic potential.

Our Values

We believe that creating the right culture and environment is crucial in raising the next generation of great leaders. Our five Citizens Football Academy values underpin all that we do, providing coaches, staff, and players a clear reference point to the type of men we want to develop.  Weekly life-skill and Bible studies based on these values help coaches and players apply them on a very practical level in their lives. Each term, our badge system rewards players living out the values in their community, school, as well as on the football field.


  • Honor
  • Family
  • Positivity
  • Excellence
  • Growth

Youth Programme

All of our programs prioritize character and leadership development. We have affiliation with the best schools whether basic education, secondary or tertiary education across Ghana. We have our private coaching initiatives for footballers aged 7-12. Players connect with coaches, participate in drills and skills training, and benefit from mentorship and short life skills lessons during each session. The Citizens Football Academy hosts football justification and recruits every year in January for U10, U12, U15, and U17 players.